Bird Nail & Wing Clippings

Grooming your bird includes trimming its wings and nails, filing its beaks, preening your bird and bathing your bird. Grooming your bird gives you a chance to spend quality time with your bird and helps you to form a stronger bond with your pet.

Clipping your bird’s wings serves several purposes. The taming process is much easier and faster with their winds clipped and you have better control over your bird while taming it. Wing trimming will also prevent your bird from flying into objects such as windows or mirrors and injuring itself.

Trimming your bird’s nails also serves several purposes. When their nails become to long perching is uncomfortable and it may lead to more serious foot problems. Long sharp nails are also uncomfortable to you when your bird perches on your bare skin. Long nails may also be snagged in toys, clothing or on a cage and can result in serious leg or foot injuries.

It is recommend that owners let others do the grooming so the bird does not become distrustful to the owner.

Finches and Parakeets – $5.00
African Greys – $15.00
Cockatiels and Lovebirds – $8.00
Small Cockatoos – $20.00
Conures and Mini Macaws – $10.00
Lg Cockatoos and Macaws – $25.00
Small Amazons – $12.00
Beaks Extra